Free to play Counter-Strike to be released!

China users will soon all be able to play Counter-strike for free


China is one of the biggest, if not the biggest country with users actively playing the hit first person shooter game Counter Strike : Global Offensive. With it’s massive user data base, it’s no secret that the region renegerates more than enough money from it’s virtual sales ranging from gun skins to music packs. This huge revenue has prompted Chinese firm, perfect world, to announce last year they had plans to release Counter-Strike for free to all their native audiences. This will lead to a much larger user base, as it will allow individuals to play the game first for free, and will likely lead to those individuals too funding the game through the sale of virtual goods.

This release will likely upset the Chinese gaming scene dramatically, as it will now be in direct competition with a simular yet insanely popular first person shooter, Cross Fire. While Cross Fire has yet to spread to other regions such as Europe and America, it’s been the second most popular shooter game in China for a very long period of time, as it too was launched many years ago.

Overall while Valve does see to lose $15 for every player that joins now, since the game will be free for CHINESE users, it is undoubtedly a good business decision. It will allow a massive influx of users to the game, which will likely spread to other Valve games too, thus providing more finance for the business.