French pass Esports Numeric Law

Esports has been getting mainstream recognition in various countries. Just a few days ago we have seen numerous news of NBA players and organisations buying stakes in Esports organisations.

One such country which is at the forefront of regulating Esports is France. France has consistently been trying to pass laws and regulate the Esports scene. Esportsobserver has reported that the French numeric Law has come into effect already.


The law suggests and encourages prominent esports competitions be seen as a separate entity from Gambling. The new law distinguishes Esports from Gambling and online and LAN events.It sets the ratio between entry fees and prices. It will also help obtaining visas easier. Children below 16 years will need parental supervision to attend events. It draft the blueprint as to how player contracts should be set up. It is one of the first comprehensive setup defining what esports is. All of this is definitely something that is much needed to legitimize Esports.


Esports Observer reports the French Senate passes the Numeric Law or the “Loi pour une République Numérique” making it a law with the president’s signature.

The champion of the upcoming law, Axelle Lemaire launched it originally to bring order to chaos that is the internet and wireless services.

When she debuted the bill, she encouraged the public to comment, make changes, and additions to the bill.

French game developer association SELL suggested that tournament esports competitions should be seen as a separate thing from gambling which, duh, yes, but more importantly got the conversation going about Esports and got lawmakers to educate themselves about Esports by ordering Esports experts to write up a 75 page briefing on what Esports is and the current state of the industry.

The new law distinguishes Esports from Gambling, online from physical tournaments, clarifies how Esports competitors are taxed, sets the ratio between entry fees and prizes, requires children under 16 to get parental authorization to participate in the industry, writes out the blueprint of how player contracts should be written, and as Esports Observer points out will make obtaining visas easier.

Axelle Lemaire, the French public, Senate, and Parliament does the hard work of creating the first comprehensive 75 page overview defining what Esports is; then opens up the conversation with an online forum to the public taking in suggestions from experts in Esports; then processes all of that information into clear written laws that help the Esports Industry develop from a 3 story building startup into a skyscraper industry.

Thank you Axelle Lemaire & the people of France for doing most of the legwork for the rest of the world. And Esports Observer for doing a bang up job on tracking this bill into law.