Full review – Hunter Secrets

Today we will feature all of the Hunter Secrets which can be acquired from the various packs. The traps we will be featuring are mostly common, with the exception of the rare tier “Misdirection” and epic tier “Snake trap”.

This post is the first part of the series where we will be looking at the secrets of each of the three classes from, Hunter, Paladin and Mage. We’ll be diving into each aspect of every secret, respective of their classes, as well as when they should be used and if their worth their mana cost.

Hunter Secrets

Hunter Traps :

Bear Trap: Bear trap is a defensive type trap that is not very commonly used, however, can be found in some Control hunter or Midrange hunter decks. This trap more often found in Arena decks, since it is essentially a 2 mana 3-3 with taunt, and in arena, a card with those stats are considered viable to be drated. Bear trap does provide value, usually a 2 mana is worth 5 stats, commonly 2-3 or 3-2, which means a 2 mana for a 3-3 with taunt, give value to the player. I recommend this card to be limited to be drafted in your decks, if you decide to craft it, draft only one since the opponent can dictate when it will be activated.

Dart Trap: I consider “Dart trap” to be viable in decks, however it is not very common, since the opponent dictates when it is triggered is a problem. Also, the trap is only direct damage to the opponent’s face and does not effect the enemy’s board state at all, which isn’t very beneficial since many decks now run “Reno Jackson”. 2 Mana for 5 damage is very good value for a hunter, but note that is it not instant damage, which is a very big downside meaning top decking this card for lethal is not possible.

Explosive Trap: Very high tier trap, “Explosive trap” will help against match up against aggressive decks like “ZooLock” or “Secret Palldin”, and will give you better control of the board. This card also prevent the enemy from hitting your face, or else they risk getting their board cleared or the 2 damage to their face. 2 Damage might not seem such, but it definitely can be game changing. I recommend player draft this card in aggressive hunter decks, this card is also reasonably good in any deck in an Arena draft.

Freezing Trap: Very high tier trap and by far the most common trap used in hunter decks. When played, the opponent loses SO much tempo, since Freezing trap when triggered is a 2 mana “Sap” which increases the cost of the card by a huge 2 mana! When a this card is triggered early game, this give the player easy board control, since the opponent is unable to play their minions again, since if a minion is played on curve and get freeing trapped, it cannot be played the next turn due to the increased mana cost. Very good value, I recommended this to be drafted if you play hunter.

Snipe: “Snipe” is used occasionally in Arena decks, but VERY RARELY found in competitive play since other traps provide so much more value. 2 Mana for 4 damage would be good for hunter, but since this damage is placed on a minion, it isn’t very beneficial to a hunter because hunters generally ignore minions anyway.



Misdirection: This is a very under rated card, I think it is a high tier trap that is under used, since it can force the enemy to hit their own minions, or even yourself. This card has a high rng factor, but it can definitely be game changing if the enemy destroys their own card. I think it’s good value for a small chance to win you the game outright.

Snake Trap: High tier trap use in many control hunter decks. Good choice for a secret since the enemy will be sure to activate it, since being a hunter, the opponent will clear your minions, meaning this trap will most likely be activated the next turn when played. Snake trap also adds tons of pressure, since 3 1-1s gives you option to trade, or even go face when triggered. “Snake trap” is excellent when played after a “Knife juggler” is on board, great card combo that has a fair chance of killing an early game minion when the “Knife Juggler” effect triggered upon “Snake trap”.