Full review – Paladin Secrets

Today we will feature all of the Paladin Secrets which can be acquired from the various packs. The traps we will be featuring are of the common tier, with the one exception “Competitive Spirit” which is a rare tier card.

This post is the second part of the series where we will be looking at the secrets of each of the three classes from, Hunter, Paladin and Mage. We’ll be diving into each aspect of every secret, respective of their classes, as well as when they should be used and if their worth their mana cost.


Paladin Secrets

Paladin Traps :

Avenge : Avenge is definitely one of the strongest, or the strongest paladin secret that is available currently. It’s amazing since it adds so much tempo when triggered, since a random minion will gain a massive 3 attack along with a decent 2 health. Since a paladin’s secret only cost 1 mana, the value of getting 5 stats for a mere 1 mana is insanely good value. The  secret increases the health and attack of another minion, meaning a minion would then be able to trade up, or even survive once destroying an enemy minion. eg, One 3-3 would be better than 3 separate 1-1’s since killing a 2-3 minion card would allow the single minion to live on 3-1 while trading with 3 separate 1-1’s would leave your board empty.

Eye for an Eye : This isn’t too good of a secret, unless you want to include it in a very aggressive paladin deck. The secret causes the enemy hero to take the same amount of damage they deal to you on that single attack towards your hero. This secret is weak since the enemy can easily work out what secret you have, and also trigger the secret to their own will, which means they can order their attacks from lowest to highest, which in turn means you only inflict the amount of damage they choose, eg 1 damage from a “Silver Hand Recruit”.

Noble Sacrifice : Definitely a top tier secret, even though the enemy dictates when it can be triggered, they can never know if you have summoned it or not since to test most paladin secrets, require an attack. Noble Sacrifice is great because it has the ability to protect your own minions and kill early enemy minions if they choose to hit, such as a “KnifeJuggler”. This card is excellent when combo’d with “Knife Juggler” since it will not only protect your minion, but also a possibility to kill the enemy minion with a free juggle. Works very well with “Avenge” too, best secret combo in secret paladin.

Redemption : Not a bad secret, however, the enemy can test for this secret and therefore be able to trigger what it is triggered upon. Fairly strong since paladin has Divine shield creatures such as “Shielded Minibot” and deathrattle minions like “Haunted Creeper” and “Piloted Shredder”. Redemption is strong in these boosted minions since they will have their effect triggered basically an extra time, note that divine shield will only be given to a minion like “Sheilded minibot” or “tirion fording” since it is summoned with a divine shield, not given it through a separate card like “Hand of Protection” or “argent protector”.

Repentance : Not a bad secret since it has the ability to trigger on a large minion if the enemy plays it in haste. However, can be quite weak since the enemy dictates when and what is triggered, when triggered on a low cost minion, you lose value. Advised to be played in arena and not too much in constructed unless you really don’t have any paladin secrets.

Sacred Trial : As of now, the newest paladin secret. I find it pretty weak, since if an enemy already has 2 minions, playing Sacred Trial is very weak since clearing the third minion, wont prevent another minions or effect the previous 2 minions at all. Easiest secret to play around, if the enemy attacks one of you 2 minions, and none of your secrets are triggered, he will definitely know its this secret or “competitive spirit”.

Competitive Spirit : Competitive spirit is great on paladin since paladin usually have several cards on the board, meaning this card will mostlikely gained value since it usually provides an average of 4-6 stats. It is only weak if you opponent deduces its competitive spirits and prevents it being triggered for the whole game, or just leaves one of your minions up so its triggered without much effect. Very good when combo’s with “Muster of Battle” since it would provide you with a very strong early board that is hard to be dealt with.