Full rundown on Worlds update – LoL

Worlds loot, new mission line, Championship Ashe & more

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The League of Legends World Championships are about to start, meaning there are a bunch of new updates to hit the servers in celebration. There will be a new weekly missions, a special mission line (through the pass), craftable loot, Championship Ashe (this year’s worlds skin), team icons (with PERMENANT emotes) along with the mystery boxes coming back.

Weekly missions


Riot has revealed there will be ‘four pillars’ which will relate to the weekly mission available for the duration of worlds. Completing these missions will grant players exclusive in-game rewards that won’t come back (likely icons) along with “worlds tokens” that players can use to craft special loot.

As shown above, these ‘worlds tokens’ will allow players to craft one of 6 items in the ‘loot’ section.

5 Worlds tokens – 15 Blue Essence

20 Worlds tokens – Key Fragment

80 Worlds tokens – Worlds Orb A mystery champion shard + chances for bonus drops (Orb, Gemstone, Exclusive hextech skins)

100 Worlds tokens – Worlds Legacy Orb A mystery skin shard + chances for bonus drops (Orb, Gemstone, Exclusive hextech skins)

120 World tokens – Championship Ashe Icon and border Gives a special border for players who own and use the Championship Ashe skin. There’ll also be an added bonus icon.

320 Worlds tokens – Championship Ashe Golden Chroma and 2017 Golden Championship ward Players with Championship Ashe will receive the golden chroma version once they turn in this package. In addition, they will get a permanent ward skin that’ll never be seen again once this offer ends.


Worlds Master Pass

Riot will be following Valve’s suit and sell special passes which grants players’ access to exclusive missions which they can later earn rewards from. The pass will initially cost 1300 RP, it unlocks the 2017 Worlds Master Icon, one gemstone, 2 extra missions per week (across 6 weeks). As the tournament gets closer to its end, the pass’s price will progressively decrease (as there less missions the longer time passes).


Championship Ashe, this year’s worlds skin

For some bizarre reason, Riot has decided to add yet another skin for Ashe (of which she already has PLENTY). As normal, the championship series once again follows the black + dark blue + light blue colour scheme.

25% of all proceeds from the skin will directly be sent to the LoL World Championships prize pool. In addition, Riot has announced they will be donating 25% of all proceeds the skin generates to 3 charities (which players vote for).

Skin cost – 1,350 RP (Available until the 18th of September)


Team icons and emotes

As usual, Riot will be focus on profit sharing between themselves and the teams through the sale of team icons. While Riot has always made emotes temporary, no matter the summoner icon in the past, this year’s team icons (for worlds) will provide permanent emotes (if they choose to buy it).

Individual team icon cost – 250 RP (50% of proceeds go to teams) Team icon + emote cost – 450 RP (30% of proceeds go to teams)


Mystery boxes

Mystery boxes will once again return to the shop, with a twist. All mystery items will have 2x chances temporary) to receive legendary skins and team themed skins whenever there is a pentakill or baron steal , this bonus caps at 4x.

Mystery skin cost – 490 RP Mystery champion cost – 490 RP Mystery chest cost – 790 RP