Fun Fact : NIP’s I League win was the most money the team has ever won.

NIP  Roster with Pyth


NIP who are by far the most loved CSGO Organisation even to this date have had their fair share of success and failures. The original champions of CSGO were at a 87-0 streak on LAN at one point in time. The team was unbeatable and had a very good early following in CSGO. The fans still believe in their team and the support for NIP has been high all along.


They recently have made changes to the roster after having a dismal 2015. Their latest tournament was played with a standin in the team in the form of Maikelele. However the team caught up with him well enough to play some really tactical CSGO.


Despite the absence of Threat and Pyth, the members of NIP were able to send some really strong teams packing. They managed to defeat team such as Astralis, Godsent, Gamers2, Cloud9.


However a fun fact is that despite NIP dominating so many teams early on in CSGO; their latest win at Starladder was the highest amount of money they have ever won. This is mostly attributed to the growth of CSGO and even esports as a whole.

The number of sponsors coming in this field to advertise themselves to the young talent is so huge. We hope NIP can continue their good form in the future as well.