G2 Esports reject invitation to IEM Gyeonggi

G2 has followed the trend of rejecting tournament invitations to out of season tournament invitations.

As IEM Gyeonggi is considered “out of season”, the tournament will not contribute to any official competitive points. As a result, G2 has decided they will be stepping out of IEM Gyeonggi in favor of additional practice and maybe a break for it’s players.

G2 recently made an official announcement to it’s fans stating

“We would like to apologise to the fans who were eager to watch our team in action one more time before the end of the year. While we understand that the international experience could be beneficial to the players, we believe that, since our focus is on preparing for the upcoming Spring Split, the team would not be able to perform at a level that would reflect their potential or the benefits that will result from the structural improvements that are in place.”

As mentioned in their statement, they confirmed that it would be more beneficial to the team to practice for the upcoming Spring Split. This would allow them to perform at a higher level as more practice would be focused on, and players would have reduced stress.

In their official statement, they also announced that the League of Legends team renewed their agreement with G2, this is great since the current G2 team is one of the strongest in the EU region.