G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love – EU LCS – Week 9 – Day 2 – Preview

G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Series to be held Friday, March 18, 2016 – Week 9 – Day 2

Kikis : Vizicsacsi

Trick : Loulex

Perkz : Fox

Emperor : Steeelback

Hybrid : Hylissang

G2 gaming

G2 are looking to claim 1st place and are looking to be able to win this game with ease. Their aggressive playstyle gets them objectives and kills quickly and easily, and they haven’t been punished for their mistakes as much as they should have been. Each of their lanes often wins, and can create their own advantages without overstepping and getting ganked themselves.

For UOL, they have a somewhat crazy style, with questionable decision making especially looking to late game where twice in one week they tried to finish, couldn’t, and then lost. They are on a losing trend and I don’t see them beating G2. They would need to get both Fox and Steeelback fed, and then protect them while they do damage. Loulex has often played tank junglers and Vizicsacsi isn’t particularly known for his carry gameplay.

Overall, G2 should be able to win this, as they are mechanically better, and have better macro play than UOL.

Chance of victory: G2 Esports: 75% : Unicorns of Love: 25%