G2 take out the EU LCS!

G2 are the 2017 EU Summer split champions

G2 Esports has once again taken out the top spot in the EU LCS from their finals match against Misfits. G2 has always been an extremely strong team in the EU LCS, however, many saw Misfits as a worthy contender to get in the way of G2. However in the end, misfits tried in to avail losing an astounding 3-0 to G2.

With this extremely strong win against the second top team in the EU LCS, G2 has cemented their position as Europe’s consistant top team. While EU isn’t viewed as a particularly strong contender for worlds in the past, G2 will surely prove many wrong at groups. If G2 were to keep this up, they would surely enter semi finals at a minimum.

This marks G2 esports 4th consecutive win in the EU LCS, a great team to be remembered for years to come.