LG vs G2 Preview, Analysis and Odds.

LG vs G2.


Today we will analyse the match up between Luminosity and G2 Esports. This is a Best of Three event which is hosted by ESL Pro League. These teams have never played against eachother although Luminosity hold one of the longest win streaks of 2016.

The Brazilian team Luminosity recently became Champions of DreamHack ZOWIE Open after they crushed Tempo Storm in the Grand Final with a 2 – 0 victory. They are also undefeated in the Esports Championship Series in the North American League with 9 wins and no losses! They are performing like gods at the moment.
LG’s Recent Games;
LG vs Tempo Storm = WIN
LG vs Liquid = WIN
LG vs C9 = WIN
LG vs Splyce = WIN
LG vs Optic = WIN

G2 Esports have varied in their plays recently. Although they have some of the best players in Counter Strike history such as ScreaM they have not made an huge impact. They haven’t won any titles recently and have fluctuating wins.
G2 Esports Recent Results;
G2 vs Mouz = LOSS
G2 vs Faze = WIN
G2 vs Astralis = LOSS
G2 vs NIP = LOSS
G2 vs NIP = WIN

My prediction : Based on the performance of Luminosity and their recent win rate ( 100% ) I can easily say Luminosity will take this game with odds at 95% in my opinion.

Calvin Hynes.