GaleForceEsports signs “Pizza” to Hearthstone team


Primarily known for their Hearthstone team, Gale force esorts has signed their second active Hearthstone player.


Not much is known about Pizza as he is new to the Hearthstone competitive scene. He did however compete in the preliminaries for the HCT 2016 – AM Summer Championships which gave him some exposure, but unfortunately did not make it past preliminaries and into the main event.

What is known is that Gale Force eSports are willing to reenter the hearthstone scene, where they previously dropped many of their former players. This is an interesting move as many teams are dropping out the Hearthstone team due to a reduction in tournaments and prize money over all. (Check out why DIG dropped their entire Hearthstone division Here. This decision to expand into the Hearthstone seen is definitely welcomed, as it gives professional Hearthstoners an opportunity to get sponsored and advance further. It also boosts the confidence of other gaming teams in the Hearthstone scene, which will hopefully see more teams supporting the Hearthstone scene.