Galio complete champion rework!

After almost being completely neglected for years, Galio is finally getting some attention

Passive : When up, Galio will get an empowered auto attack which will do bonus damage in a small area, similar to a tiamat effect. Hitting enemies with spells will reduce the cooldown of his passive.

Q : Shoot 2 projectiles at a set area. This will come from 2 directions, from Galio toward the target area. It is similar to Diana’s Q, but it is 2x. Hitting targets at the target location instead of the projectile path will do bonus damage.

W : There is both a passive and ability in Galio’s W. The passive allows for Galio to gain a magic damage shield whenever he loses health. Holding W will allow Galio to gain defense stats, but he will move significantly slower. Releasing the W once held will taunt all enemies in a radius determined by how long Galio channeled his W for.

E : After a brief delay, Galio will charge towards a fairly short direction. Hitting creeps, monsters or champions will knock them up and deal magic damage. However, Galio will stop charging once he hits terrain or a champion, similar to Sion ultimate.

R : After a brief delay, Galio will fly up in the sky and quickly shoot down towards an ally location. The ally that Galio has chosen to ult in the area will receive the damage reduction from Galio’s W ability for a few seconds. The ultimate is a fairly large radius, and will knock up all enemies caught. Depending on their positioning, the knockup duration changes, as the enemy is closer to the center, they are knocked up for longer.