Gambit coach assaults player!

Coach of Gambit Academy has allegedly assaults a player

Gambit Gaming 2016

Former Gambit Academy team currently known as “KUNGAR” has brought up recent controversy due to allegations of assault within the team. This was brought up through a post made on by one of the former players (from the Team KUNGAR account) on why 4 members decided to leave the Gambit organisation. The post details their team’s former team coach Rustam ‘TsaGa’ Tsagolov’s poor conduct towards players being the main deciding factor to part ways with the organisation.

“If you lose a single map to these noobs, you can fuck off.”

-TsaGa to players

Not only does the post explain simple assault, but it also includes various incidents or repeated harassment and psychological attacks on the players. The language used in the post is extremely strong such as describing their outlook as being “fed up” due to the coach meeting up to their requirements. He explains that the coach was incompetient as “TsaGa” simply provided “primitive and basic” analysis and stratification.

“1. Inadequacy
2. A bad psychologist  and strategist
3. A bad analyst and a person that only paints an image of a hard-working individual
4. An imbalanced human being that, by definition, cannot be a mentor/coach.”

Reasons indicated in the post from leaving Gambit