Gambit sign new academy team

Gambit have finally signed a full roster consisting of 5 players and 2 player staff

Gambit has released on official statement telling fans they have signed a completed cs.go roster, intended to be a academy/sister team to their successful main team. The players on the roster are very new to the professional scene, and Gambit have explained they are “not expecting bright victories right now”. However, as an academy type team, it is likely they will continue to train / mentor these players before they wish to transfer them to the main team.

The roster has announced they will be competing in 2 leagues, the ESEA Open Russia and CEVO Season 12 Intermediate. Gambit has also set a goal for the team, and declared they wish to play in the CIS Minor. Beside that, the team will mostly play in European based tournaments to start off, and move on from there.