Gambit takes first at PGL major Krakow

Gambit Esports has defeated Immortals 2-1 in the finals

Gambit has officially won their first ever Major tournament, taking out their rivals, Immortals in a clutching 2-1 finals match. They were certainly the underdogs that no body expected to even make it to the semifinals, let alone beat some of the best teams around. Gambit comes from the CIS region, taking this major out not only means a lot for them, but the whole CIS region. This marks the second occasion a CIS team has taken out a Major tournament. 

Gambit dropped their first game against Immortals, it was a complete stomp which many expected. However, they return to full form, if not better than ever, to win the second match in an extremely close back and fourth. This gave them confidence, and hugely impacted Immortals, allows Gambit to smash Immortals in the final game.

The PGL Major Krakow only lasted 7 days, and is fairly short, but the short week has lifted Gambit into a team worth keeping an eye out for. From their win, they took home half of the total prize pool, an astounding $500,000 USD. Immortals as the second place team won $150,000.