Gambit vs CSGL Analysis, Prediction and Preview.


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Gambit vs CSGL.

Today we analyse the match up between Lounge-Gaming and Gambit.This match-up will be hosted by Starladder and is a best of three event. The match begins at 6PM GMT on the 10th of May 2016.

Lounge Gaming are the Polish side with a huge amount of wins from their harvest as they push forward to their top spot in Group B of the Uprise Champions Cup Season 4. Unfortunately they were knocked out of the Starladder Invitational by HellRaisers after Lounge demolished GODSENT.
Lounge’s Recent Games;
Lounge vs SK = WIN
Lounge vs Flipside = WIN
Lounge vs HellRaisers = LOSS
Lounge vs GODSENT = WIN
Lounge vs SK = LOSS
Gambit are the Russian opponents of Lounge. They have achieved one win
and one loss in their Starladder Invitational matches for Group B. They
appear to be fluctuating with an on-off streak of wins and losses
especially in Operation Kinguin recently.
Gambit’s Recent Games;
Gambit vs GODSENT = WIN
Gambit vs HellRaisers = LOSS
Gambit vs Escape = LOSS
Gambit vs PENTA = WIN
Gambit vs AGG = WIN

My prediction: I predict this will be an extremely close game as
both teams have recently played against GODSENT and HellRaisers and
both teams Lounge and Gambit finished with the exact same results.
I predict 60% for Gambit but only do a small bet as there is extremely
high risk in this game.

Calvin Hynes.