Gambit vs Efrag – Operation Kinguin #2 – Tips, Odds and Preview

Operation Kinguin

Gambit and Efrag are matched up against each other in the Operation Kinguin #2 Cup to be held on the 7th  of April 2016 at 16:00 CET.



  • Gambit’s recent matches – Gambit recent Matches
  • As we can see most of their notable results have been on LAN at the MLG Columbus Major. Apart from that, they dont have much online results available
  • The team has a lot of potential but so far it has been tapped only on LAN.
  • Their online matches have left a lot to be desired for the team.


  • Efrag are definitely the better team coming into this tournament. They have much more experience in playing against the higher tier teams
  • Efrag’s online matches have picked up steam and they are winning quite a few matches now. They were in a huge slump in January 2016, but thats all in the past now.
  • Efrag’s roster has some well known players in Bubble, Dreamer, nkl , Victor and Spyleader.
  • This match is an elimination match and therefore Efrag’s motivation to qualify for a tournament after so long would be quite high.

The Prediction : 65%-35% Efrag

The Bet : Medium on Efrag.