Gambit vs Explosive – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

Gambit vs Explosive

CIS Minor


Gambit gaming is definitely a premier CIS team. Their team consists of players such as Dosia, Hooch, Adren, Mou and last but not the least Waylander. Each of these players has been proven on other teams over time. They have not been doing so well as the players individual skills can demand. However they definitely have the potential. Gambit Gaming has not played against Explosive after getting their new sponsor. In their previous iteration of HS.GG they lost twice to Explosive. however those matches were with their previous team which did not include Waylander.


Explosive have been just about as inconsistent as majority of the CIS teams. While they have managed to score some decent wins over the last HS.GG they have also lost to Imperial Dragons consistently. Their other matches have been against much lower skilled teams and those victories should not really count much. Explosive’s gameplay depends a lot on Pancher and Smike. These are the two players with the best statistics so their performance will directly affect the team’s performance during this minor.

The Match :

This match is the Group stage for CIS minors. It is a important Group B match. There are four teams in Group B which include Rebels, Gambit, Explosive, Binary Dragons. The matches are best of one’s so no match can be taken lightly. Each team just needs to win two matches in order to proceed to the playoffs. The match depends heavily on the map that is played and considering it is Best of One, the recommendation would not be to go anything more than a low bet on the match.

The Prediction : 75% – 25% Gambit
The Bet : Low Gambit