Gambit vs Preparation; Tips, odds and Betting Previews – Betway WCA 2016 EU Qualifier



Gambit and  Preparation are matched up against each other in the Betway WCA 2016 EU qualifier to be held on the 26th of September 2016 at 1800 CEST.



Gambit and Preparation are very close in terms of their match results and their overall aim power. The teams constantly practice and switch players between each other and hence it is not surprising to see them know the other team’s strategy thoroughly.

Gambit have been somewhat lacklustre in their latest performances. Granted it was against teams that they did not know as well in terms of gameplay and strategy, however the Gambit roster has been involved in some controversies and roster changes. Dosia was banned from WESG recently. Gambit also underwent a very recent roster change. Now usually teams fall back on their default and try out various things once a roster change takes place. Hence it wont be surprising to see Gambit take a back seat on this match.

Preparation have been together for quite sometime now. The roster has been performing decent together and with the fact that they have indepth knowledge about how Gambit play, the team definitely can perform much better. The Preparation roster has in fact made it quite clear that they intend to stick together for the foreseeable future. That puts to rest any untoward apprehensions within the team with the recent CIS shuffles taking place.

The Prediction : 55%-45% in favor of Preparation

The Bet ; Low on Preparation.