Gambit vs Space Soldiers | Operation Kinguin #3 | Tips Odds and Previews

Gambit vs Space Soldiers.


Operation Kinguin

Gambit and Space Soldiers 

Gambit and Space Soldiers are matched up in the Group Stage of Kinguin #3 tournament to be held on the 22nd of June 2016 at 20:00 CEST


Gambitś roster includes players such as Dosia, Hooch, Adren, Mouz, Spaze. This bunch of players have been playing together for a long period of time. Gambitś recent matches show them taking down teams such as EnVYUs, Gamers2 etc. Considering how well Gamers2 was playing up until a week ago, this matchup is quite commendable. Gambitś roster definitely has been playing well together. The team has been performing decently well. In this group stage, they are currently 1-2 in the stages. Gambit need to be in the top two in order to proceed into the next stage.



Space Soldiers is all about xantares. There are times when he goes really huge scoring upward of 30 kills in a match. However there are also times, when the whole team doesnt perform well. We dont know which Space soldiers will turn up in this match as this match is after quite sometime. As such it makes sense to bet on the more stable team in Gambit rather than the unstable Space Soldiers, who may or might not perform well


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The Prediction : 60%-40% Gambit

The Bet : Low on Gambit.