Gamers2 proceed to Starseries Final over Heroic

starseries 2 csgo


Gamers2 won their semi final match against Heroic in a very convincing 2-0 fashion. The teams played two maps Cobblestone and Dust2. Gamers2 managed to come out ahead on both the maps with scorelines of 16-13, 16-12.


Shox was especially on point with some amazing clutch scenarios which broke the economy of the opponents. The final scoreboard might show Bodyy as the leader in terms of frags, but the impact kills were definitely by Shox.


The scoreboard :




Dignitas now face NIP in the grand finals of Starseries SL I League Season 2. The winner of the final will receive $130000 in prize money. The runners up will receive $50,000.