Gamers2 vs Astralis – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview

Gamers2 vs Astralis – Cache


Astralis and Gamers2 are matched up against each other for the ESL Group Stage to be held on Wednesday, 10th of February 2016 at 20:00 CET – Week 1


Astralis are not really well known for their Cache. Cache is usually their second veto after vetoing Cobblestone. These are their worst / least experienced maps. Astralis while not the best on Cache definitely has the added advantage of being really good aimers. Their gameplay style is really just about ok on Cache. They play an aggressive T side with a very site centered CT style. There are occasional mixups with aggressive 2-3 man stack on mid, but that usually happens in force buys / eco rounds. That is in order to gain control over the situation and get some early guns. Either ways Astralis are not as good on Cache as some of the weaker teams out there. Their CT holds on site do not work especially with the brute force that most of the teams play with.


Gamers2 is a team that has been good on Cache for a long period of time. French teams have traditionally been really good on Cache. Their performance on Cache really comes down to how their AWP plays. RPK holds down on Squeaky area like a boss. However it really comes down to how Smithz will play on the map. Gamers2 recently have played a lot of Cache and they have shown to been very good on the map. They won against Cloud9 16-3, while losing to Astralis on Overtime. The very fact that they can take Astralis to overtime does indeed warrant a bet on them. The odds will definitely be favoring Astralis due to the skill gap, however all in all this map should be favouring Gamers2.


The Prediction : 63%-37% Gamers2

The Bet : Low Gamers2

Risk : Medium