Gamers2 vs Astralis; Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – ESL One New York 2016

ESL One New York

Gamers2 and Astralis are matched up against each other in the first stage of ESL One New York to be held on the 30th of September 2016 at 1815 CEST.

Gamers2 have come up as the premier French team in the current composition. The team relies on a plethora of players doing their jobs in order to perform well. They have RPK in the tank role while Shox does the flambuoyant plays which are the sources of various highlights. However something that each player has consistently stated is that the team play level is quite high right now. They seem to have found the sweet spot which they can relate to.

Astralis on the other hand seem to be the exact opposite. They have not been able to perform well and they even lost to WESG Qualifiers. Even in several online matches, the Danish team has been unable to perform as per expectations. Their favorite maps are Overpass, Mirage and Train. Train is a map that Gamers2 really prefers to play on, however considering the nature of the veto system; we might as well see Gamers2 simply banning out their least favored maps.

The Prediction : 70%-30% in favor of Gamers2

The bet : Medium on Gamers2