Gamers2 vs CLG – Dreamhack Malmo – Tips, Odds and Preview

Dreamhack Malmo

Gamers2 and CLG are matched up against each other in the DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 to be held on the 12th of April 2016 at 16:30 CET.



  • Gamers2 have been performing decently with their new addition, Bodyy, winning their most recent matches.
  • Even in their matches against better teams such as Envyus they have either won or lost in very close matches
  • The team will be relying on a more aggressive approach while at the same time going slow on their force buys
  • They have a better skill level than that of CLG



  • CLG, despite being one of the better NA teams, still cannot compare with Gamers2
  • Gamers2 have been rejuvenated by the recent roster change and if history is any example they should perform much better now.

The Prediction : 70%-30% Gamers2

The Bet : Medium Gamers2