Gamers2 vs Flipsid3 – Train – ESL Pro League Season 3 Tips, Odds and Preview


Gamers2 and Flipsid3 are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League Season 3 Group Stage to be held on the 13th of March 2016 at 20:00 CET on the map of Train.



Gamers2 did not look too strong today. They had a very questionable match against Esuba where they lost map one. However they did manage a comeback on the remaining two maps of course, but Esuba also managed to score in double digits on those maps. The Skill difference between these two teams is supposed to be very high. Considering this, it’s obvious that Gamers2 were not playing to their optimal level.



Flipsid3 did not have a good match themselves with a very close match against Preparation. The match went to overtime on the third map. Flipsid3 did manage to comeback in overtime, however the very fact that they were 11-4 down in the CT side during regular time suggests they have a lot of catching up to do. The team however was playing on Cobblestone a map that they are fluent on.

Flipsid3 like to play Train. For the past 4-5 matches, they have picked Train at each and every instance that they got. Their performance on Train is very organised and other teams have started to fear Flipsid3 on it.


The Prediction : 55%-45% Flipsid3

The bet : Low on Flipsid3.