Gamers2 vs Hellraisers| ESL One Cologne 2016 Main Qualifier | Tips, Odds and Previews

ESL Cologne 2016

Gamers2 and Hellraisers are matched up against each other in the Round 2 of ESL One Cologne Qualifier 2016 to be held on the 10th of June 2016 at 17:40 CEST.


Gamers2 have been dominant in their performances since quite sometime. Yesterday we saw an amazing performance which saw them winning 16-9 or something against tyloo. We all know tyloo are not a bad team as they have defeated some really good teams ( LG ) in the past. Gamers2 also have improved their map pool by leaps and bounds. They are really good right now on Cache, dust2, Train and Overpass. They are very familiar with Cobblestone as a map, however their results have been mediocre on this map. We can see most of their favorite maps are actually good maps for Hellraisers as well


Hellraisers were up against Splyce yesterday. If you did watch the match, you would realise how bad HR were playing. There were a few rounds where the synergy within the team was totally non-existent. They kept rushing and pushing aimlessly. Of course they did have superior aim and hence the win over Splyce, however that being said their overall gameplay was pretty bad. They even allowed Arya to be able to defuse in a 1v3 against them. Arya who was not able to hit any shots at all was able to win a round for his team.


In terms of maps, the strongest maps for Gamers2 as said are Cache, Train, Dust2. These maps have been pretty much the staple maps for Gamers2. Considering the fact that this match is a qualification match ( winner of this match is qualified), it’s an important match for both teams.


The Prediction : 70%-30% Gamers2

The Bet : Medium on Gamers2