Gamers2 vs LG – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview.

Gamers2 vs LG.



Gamers2 comprises of players such as Maikelele, Fox, Aizy ,Rain, Jkaem. These players have insane aim and they have been showing off their skill consistently over the past few months. Gamers2 . Jkaem was a huge revelation during the last LAN and he was definitely the reason why Gamers2 could pull off what they had. Gamers2 performance during the last few months have been pretty good for the most part. They have had their share of bad matches too

Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming for their part have always been strategy oriented. They always manage to have impeccable 2v2, 3v3 situations. The new teams gameplay has been oriented around most of the individual plays rather than the team plays as LG is known for generally. Fallen is the mastermind behind the team and the team players play very well in conjunction with his ideas. Luminosity Gaming have consistently played well at big LAN events. They have had wins / upsets against some of the best teams in the world. 



Gamers2 have a very wide map pool. Their one worst map is Cobblestone. It is the map they constantly veto out irrespective of the team they are facing. They prefer playing on Dust 2, Cache. They are decent on Inferno and Overpass. Train as a map has not been played much by the team. However they have been able to score consistent wins whenever they have played on this map.Gamers2 mainly rely on their aim rather than their maps anyways. But if they do get a map that they like and are favored on, they definitely are favored here. 


Luminosity Gaming are a very strategy oriented team. They have a IGL in Fallen who believes in cracking the whip on his players while still giving some sort of freedom to them in their game style. However that strict control also is the reason sometimes for them being so predictable. That in addition with the fact that they do not always manage to win their aim battles results in LG being at a disadvantage with respect to Gamers2. Gamers2 are pretty much on par with the best firepower in CSGO. In terms of maps, LG are very good on Mirage, Dust2, Cobblestone. Inferno and Overpass would probably be like the second tier maps for Luminosity Gaming. Cache and Train are the least favored maps for Luminosity Gaming.


Overall, Gamers2 is the better team here than Luminosity Gaming. Luminosity Gaming had an amazing run last time, but that was also probably because of the fact that no one knew what to expect of the Brazilian team. However Gamers2 would have recognised this and studied Luminosity Gaming’s style of play and try to counter that in their own way.


The Prediction : 74%-26% in favor of Gamers2.


The bet : A Medium bet on Gamers2.