Gamers2 vs Selfless – E League Group B – Tips Odds and Previews



Gamers2 had a miserable 2015. After continuously waiting for some Extenz magic to happen, they decided to undergo a roster and brought in Alexandre Pianaro from LDLC. Initially the new roster had some really bad performances and the general consensus seemed to write them off. However their recent matches have shown promise with their wins over LG and Optic. They were also able to take LG to five maps in the finals, which they lost 2-3.



The team is a very dependent on Shox and Scream as being the entry fraggers and taking a lot of pressure off from the other players. However that does depend on them being able to hit their shots.

This match is against selfless and in all possibility selfless will not pose much of a threat to the French Squad.


Selfless themselves were a part of this LAN tournament mainly due to an invitation from the tournament organisers. They were the replacements for Tyloo ( who had to back out because of their VISA issues)


Selfless are ranked beyond 30 places in the current ranking and their chances look very bleak coming into this match.


The Prediction : 80%-20% Gamers2.

The Bet : Medium on Gamers2.