Gamers2 vs Selfless | E League | Tips Odds and Previews


Gamers2 and Selfless are matched up against each other in the playoff stage of the Eleague tournament Group B to be held on the 2nd of June 2016 at 14:15 EDT



Gamers2 had a perfect setup in the group stage of the E league. They are undefeated so far. Their performance has been heavily dependent on Shox and RPK being the pillars of the team. The rest of the team has been playing its part well enough to account for the victories. Gamers2 have significantly improved their map pool so far into this tournament.



Selfless on the other hand were pretty much smashed up by their north american counterparts Optic. Considering the skill gap between these teams and the fact that Gamers2 have lost only 4 out of their last 22 matches, this looks quite an uphill task for Selfless



The Prediction : 80%-20% Gamers2

The bet : High on Gamers2