Gamers2 vs Tyloo | ESL One Cologne Main Qualifier | Tips Odds and Previews

Gamers2 vs Tyloo

ESL Cologne 2016

Gamers2 and Tyloo are matched up in the ESL One Cologne Main Qualifier to be held on the 9th of June 2016 at 20:10 CEST


Gamers2 have shown themselves to be a formidable opponent so far. Their results were 26-4 at one point in time. It was of course broken by NIP in the finals of E – League Group B, but that does not take away the fact that Gamers2 are at their peak right now. The French side rely mainly on the individual star plays of their player ( namely Shox and Scream , followed by a very determined role of RPK in the team play). The raw skill of the team definitely is peaking right now and although I feel there is a distinctive lack of team play, they keep getting kills that they shouldn’t .


Tyloo on the other hand have been pretty much absent from the international CSGO scene since their last appearance. They did play a few Chinese teams and they defeated them with ease. However playing against a much better EU team, Tyloo do have a hard time ahead. The last time, they were able to surprise a lot of teams and their win against LG definitely helped them by a huge margin. However Gamers2 will not be taking them lightly into this matchup.


That being said, it is a best of one match and Tyloo do theoretically have a chance into this match. However Gamers2 who are so well known for getting out in Group stages in big tournament LAN’s under X6tenz will play their best and definitely come ahead as the winner.


The Prediction : 70%-30% Gamers2 ( since its a best of one )

The Bet :  Medium on Gamers2.