PRIES Kicks off with BRAND NEW roster!

A Russian owned gaming organization has recently announced that they will be signing 5 new EU players that will be representing their Dota 2 team. This roster is completely new, all 5 players have never been signed before. The two brothers Freedman and Blodmin who previously played for team Complexity are now joining as part of this new roster, along with 3 others including player “Mastermind” to be their captain.


The new roster includes :
Denmark Jimmy ‘supercell‘ Hoang
Bulgaria Ivailo ‘Mastermind‘ Petkov (captain)
Sweden Max ‘Mikey‘ Barkö
Bulgaria Ivan ‘Bashruk‘ Valev
Denmark Kenny ‘KyH‘ Hoang


This new change will be one to monitor given, PRIES performed well last year scoring a 3rd place in the BTS Series Europe #2.