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According to a report by pvplive, Gamurs and Esportspedia seem to be on the verge of a merger. Esportspedia which has put in several high profile works also has put in efforts amounting to years of data collected. However the site has not gained much traction in recent times and has been slowly on the decline. launched esportswiki recently and has been garnering information and making efforts towards the same. However they have decided to take a shortcut of sorts with the merger talks in the air.


Central to the issue surrounding the rumors of Esportspedia’s revival was that the staff and contributors that made it such a vital resource for the general esports community had already and largely moved shop over to GAMURS’ EsportsWikis project. The Esportspedia brand still eclipsed EsportsWikis specifically because of the high profile and work they’ve put into it over a matter of years.

Its acquisition by UNKIRN vice president and former Azubu content director Matt Gunnin had an uncomfortable aspect to it, due to the optics of getting to profit off the brand recognition and work of people no longer associated with that specific name – but were otherwise actively working to make up for lost momentum caused by Azubu’s firing of its chief manager and former Esportspedia president.

It turns out that Gunnin is making something of a power play for both – the weight of the brand, and the substance behind it. Originally, Gunnin was supposed to announce the details of it last week:

Going to be delaying the announcement post till at least end of week while some details are ironed out. Main thing to know right now is that Azubu transferred all of the content and IP for and to me last week. This has been in the process for months now.

But previously unknown delays kept him from making the announcement. Now we know why. Said Gunnin:

Hey James. We are still in negotiations/discussions. Will have a clear direction this week as to whether we will be partnering/merging with Gamurs or not

GAMURS has not responded to requests for comments. Former Esportspedia president RheingoldRiver has declined to comment.

UPDATE: GAMURS founder Riad Chikhani responded to requests for comments: “At this point in time, we are still awaiting a concrete proposal from Matthew.”

Source – PVPlive