GeneRaL Added to Na’Vi Roster

Victor “GeneRaL” Nigrini has been added to the Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) roster. This finalises a roster that has been in shake-up for months.

Navi roster players

Na’Vi have had problems finding a stable team, and have been constantly reshuffling since their TI winning team disbanded.

The team manager Eugene “Ugin” Erofeev says that the period of instability is over, and that the team will now commit to practicing.

Na’Vi fans will be glad to have a roster cemented, as poor performance, linked to roster changes had kept them out of recent major tournaments.

The Na’Vi roster for the (hopefully) foreseeable future is ArtStyle, Ditya-Ra, Dendi, SoNNeikO and GeneRaL.

Navi roster

The first opportunity for the new look Na’VI to prove itself is the Dota Pit League. The team will be boot-camping over the next 3 weeks until the league starts.

The official announcement can be found here.