German Football League registers “eSports Bundesliga” brand



German Football League , Deutsche Fußball Liga/DFL has trademarked the eSports Bundesliga brand. The German sports industry is not as developed and organised as it is in other countries. We have the French courts providing rules and regulations to safeguard the eSports industry.

eSports is a new territory for several sporting organisations. Last week we saw some prominent organisations and players from NBA investing in eSports organisations.

The German Football League , Deutsche Fußball Liga/DFL is an association of majority of the Football teams. These teams have come together to form an association, which would give them a leverage in various aspects.

In June 2016, the German Football League applied for some blank union Brands. A Union brand is a trademark right, which displays its exclusivity effect throughout the European Union.

DFL wants to secure the trademarks to certain words in eSports. It has secured for itself words such as  DFL Bundesliga Esport “, ” DFL Bundesliga Virtual “, ” eBundesliga “, ” iBundesliga “, ” Sportec Solutions” and ” DFL Sportec

The source can be found here.  Esportsobserver