Get perma banned for using fake gps apps in Pokémon Go

Niantic has recently started to permenantly ban players who use gps altering apps which allow players to move, without actually physically moving

Pokemon go banned

What are these “Fake gps” apps you ask?

These apps allow players to alter their location on their phone therefore making it possible for their character in Pokémon Go to appear anywhere in the world, or even walk around without having to move a step physically. Users are being currently banned, since using this is pretty mucht he equivalent of cheating, since the point of the game is to walk around and explore to find Pokémon. Sure using these apps allow you to catch Pokémon faster since you can basically teleport to them without having to walk an astronomical amount every day, but will having fun for awhile be fun?


Previously, players who have been cheating with these fake location apps have been receiving “soft bans”. These softs bans only last for 20 min – maximum a day, which prevent players from obtaining items from Pokestops or catch Pokémon since they constantly run away with a 100% evasion rate.

With the harsh punishment of being permanently banned and losing all your progress, I’m sure less players will cheat, but there is no doubt a small minority of players will continue to ruin the game.