GIA vs UOL – EU LCS – Quarterfinals – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

Giants vs. Unicorns of Love

giants vs uol

The growth of Giants this split has been extraordinary; from facing relegations in the Spring Split and barely clinching a summer split position, to a squad that’s punching out upsets week after week in Summer. Battling it out for a semi-final spot against the Giants is none other than the Unicorns of Love. The Unicorns have remained very stagnant in the past year and I’m fairly certain this is the second time they’ve finished in the lucky 6th position.

With the introduction of Night, S0NSTAR and Smittyj towards the end of the Spring Split, Giants became a dank EU meme-team filled with headless-solo-queue-chickens. But the teams’ transformation from their former selves to one that could potentially make it all the way to the finals is a reflection of their hard work and adaptability.

In the regular split, the Giants and OUL have faced each other two times, with both teams beating each other 2-0 (so I guess it’s a tie). When it comes to individual dynamics, it’s actually strange to see that both the Giants and UOL possess very similar traits.

•Smittyj and Vizicsaci fit the bruiser nature of the top lane very well. However, that being said, Smittyj has had an amazing last couple of weeks, adding a stack of plays to his highlight reel. While Vizicsaci’s playmaking days sit far away in the previous split.

•Night and Exileh are extremely volatile mid laners. We’ve seen them fail multiple Azir’s shuffle multiple times, waste flash when death is inevitable and get camped into oblivion. But the ceiling for these two mid laners is extremely high; nobody can question that. They’ve carried the team on their backs multiple times, they’ve got extremely deep champion pools and the LCS is a new scene to them.

•S0NSTAR and Veritas are the backbones to their respective teams. While top laners may be flashy with their champions, mid-laners can make huge split second plays and so forth, these two ADCs do not rest when it comes to smashing out damage and chipping away at health bars.

I feel like Smittyj is going to overpower Vizicsaci in a one-on-one scenario.

Maxlore and Move’s ganks and jungle pathing are going to be pivotal in the early game and set the pace of the game. I expect particular attention to be paid by the junglers to both the top and mid lanes.

As mentioned, Night and Exileh are extremely volatile. It’s going to be a messy mid-lane match up that could sway either way, especially when they start roaming and grouping.

Overall, both teams have a good shot at making it to the semi-finals. While Giants are without a doubt the favourites in this match-up, the OUL aren’t going to let them win easy. With that being said, it is justified why Giants are the favourites in this match up as they’ve really picked up their game throughout this split. If they are able to take their excellence in the regular season to the main stage, they turn the Unicorn back into a Horse (3-1).