Giants vs Copenhagen Wolves 2016 LOL EU LCS Summer Promotion Previews, Tips & Odds

The match between Giants & Copenhagen Wolves will take place on Thursday the 24th of March as part of the 2016 LOL EU LCS Summer Promotion Tournament.

Giants vs Copenhagen Wolves

SmittyJ : Wickd
Wisdom : k0u
xPePii : Caedrel
S0NSTAR : P1noy
Hustlin : SirNukesAlot


After finishing in 10th place at 3-15, Giants have had a disappointing season with changes in every position except for xPePii, from the beginning of this split. They haven’t found the working formula for them yet and their opposition has been focusing on targeting their weakest members, which might be a lack of communication or mechanical skill which only comes with regular practise on the LCS stage. xPePii is a good midlaner as long as he gets the resources he desperately needs and if he is able to stay safe in fights he can dish out lots of damage. As for the rest of the team, I don’t see a lot of promise as they’re all quick imports to fill roles while LCS was continuing. If they work out some synergy, they could become a force to be reckoned with, but individually they can’t stand up to the tight-knit team that is CW.

Copenhagen Wolves

For the Wolves, after finishing 4th in the regular season, they then 3-0’d the first place team Millenium, to advance to the final where they lost 3-2 to Huma in a close battle. But to beat the top team 3-0 is a great step that should increase the team’s confidence going into the promotion tournament. Their roster has both upcoming talent from Caedrel and k0u, as well as LCS, and even Worlds’ experience from P1noy and Wickd. Their team looks well synergized and their communication appears to be very strong with plays hearing and understanding calls, and then executing them well.

Overall, CW look like the stronger team as they have played as a 5 man team since December giving them lots of synergy and a good relationship. Whereas for Giants, they haven’t developed the friendship that comes with playing together for so long. I have to give this to CW, but it could be a close series.

Chance of victory: Giants: 40% : Copenhagen Wolves: 60%