Giants vs. H2K – EU LCS – Week 7 – Day 2 – Preview

Giants vs. H2K are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Series to be held Friday, February 26, 2016 – Week 7 – Day 2

Atom : Odoamne

BetongJocke : Jankos

xPePii : Ryu


G0DFRED : Vander


This should be a simple win for H2K. Mechanically better and with better late game knowledge, they should be able to snowball an early game lead and end the game quickly, as long as they don’t throw at Baron, or overstay in the Giants’ base. However, H2K as a team don’t have a record of bad shotcalling, so this isn’t a big worry for them.

One of the few ways for Giants to steal a win, would be to get xPePii a lead, and potentially get him to snowball from there, but H2K are likely to not allow that to happen.

Chance of victory: Giants: 15% : H2K: 85%