Giants vs Team Vitality – EU LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

Giants vs Team Vitality are matched up against each other for the EU LCS Round 6 Day 1 game to be held Friday February 26, 2016 at 7pm CET.


Atom : Cabochard
BetongJocke : Shook
xPePii : Nukeduck
Adryh : Hjarnan
G0DFRED : kaSing


Giants are currently sitting in tied 9th place, where as Vitality are tied 1st. Giants look somewhat uncoordinated and unsure of what to do, especially in lane swaps, and rely heavily on xPePii to carry them, so if Shook focuses on helping Nukeduck, they could shut down that carry threat from Giants.

Team Vitality

On Vitality’s side, Shook likes to camp for Cabochard and get him fed, allowing him to carry, and I don’t think that will change. Hjarnan and kaSing can easily outmatch Adryh and G0DFRED, and Nukeduck is mechanically better than xPePii. Overall, Vitality are a better team, as reflected in the standings than Giants, and so should win fairly easily.

Chance of victory:
Giants: 15% : Team Vitality: 85%