Gigabite marines and TSM eliminated from MSI

Vietnamese team Gigabite marines and NA’S top team TSM have been eliminated.

Both these teams have performed extremely well considering the tough competition at MSI. Gigabite marines did especially well considering they were only considered a low to mid tier team prior to their performance at MSI. While TSM was NA’s top team, they were unable to make it to the semifinals. However, their performance is still an improvement as they have shown to be fairly weak against teams outside of North America. This was shown through the 2016 League if Legends World championship,  where the team got eliminated in the group stage.

Gigabite marines were eliminated due to having the lowest score amongst the team, finishing 3-7. TSM finished 4-7, equal to opposing team G2 in terms of score. However, standing wise, TSM was eliminated eventhough they had equal score with g2 as they had previously been beaten by g2, only a short while ago.

This year once again has no NA teams in the semifinals, but suprisingly only a single korean team.


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