Godsent vs Space Soldiers – Global Offensive Champions League Season 3 – Tips, Odds and Preview


Godsent and Space Soldiers are matched up against each other in the Global Offensive Champions League Season 3 to be held on the 7th  of April 2016 at 19:00 CET.



  • New organisation formed last week, owned by the players.
  • The team has some of the best swedish tier 2 talent. Their matches have been quite good considering the small period of time that they have played together.
  • Godsent’s favorite maps include Dust2, Cache and Mirage and their raw skill should be much better than Space Soldiers.

Space Soldiers

  • Space Soldiers are a very inconsistent team
  • Their roster – SS
  • These players are very talented and they were called the upset team for a long time as they always used to upset the top teams in the world
  • However, they are slacking off recently and have not been able to close out matches especially when it comes to some of the better skilled teams

The Prediction : 65%-35% Godsent

The Bet: Low to Medium on Godsent.