GPD vs Party.


GPD vs Party.
This game is a Best of One in the CSGO Minor CIS Qualifier. It will start at 4pm GMT on the 21st of December 2015.

Both of these teams have only ever played five games professionally so there is no advantage of experience only skill will show the winner.

GPD has won 40% of all their games with wins of LGB and AM. They lost against AlienTech and Esuba.

Party has likewise only won 40% of their games but Parties victories are more impressive because of their opponents. Party won against YP and Piter. Party’s best map is Dust 2 and their worst map is Cobblestone.

Rosters include;
GPD: fender, Kvik, lukjjE, kalinka, TORAS
Party: keeN, fitch, fANTASTIKA, 5TRYK#R, HObbit

My prediction is 65% for Party because of their wins over YP and Piter compared to GPD’s wins over AM and LGB.

Calvin Hynes.