Graham Pitt leaves ESL



Following Machine’s departure from ESL, another ESL Employee Graham Pitt has announced that he is leaving ESL.


So the secret is very much out now that I will be leaving ESL as of 31st of October (today in about 3 hours) and Pro League Brazil was my final event. It brings the end to 8 years working for the company from a volunteer online admin in 2008 until I went full time in the Cologne office in 2013 until now. I’ve spent nearly a third of my life working in and around ESL and I’ve been given some of the most amazing experiences of my life which I will remember forever. I’ve been to countless events, traveled all around the world, worked on multiple world championships across various different esports titles and made some of the greatest friends I could have ever dreamed of. However everything is finite and I made the decision to move on.

To answer the main question people have, will I be leaving esports? Not a chance. I will still be very much actively involved in esports, and specifically Counter-Strike and I’m sure you will all hear about my future by the end of 2016. One thing I can say is that I will not be joining/forming any team. Whilst I have great relationships with many if not all of the current pro teams and would definitely be interested in getting involved in one in the future, I still think my work lies within tournaments for the time being.

To answer the question of why I am moving on it comes down to a few things. I was given a fantastic offer, certainly not my first one in the past few years but this one stuck out to me as an extremely interesting project, with an opportunity to work with some very like minded individuals and build and grow something new together. I’m 25 years old, no girlfriend, no pets, nothing tying me to one single place, so to be able to move to yet another country to live and work also appealed to me. I leave on good terms with ESL and wish them the best in the future.

If anyone has any questions, fire away. But no, I won’t answer who I will be working for/where I’ll be moving to quite yet.