Graves cigar coming back?!

Riot co-founder “Marc Merrill” has tweeted out a photo of Graves and his cigar

It has been a popular meme for so long, since the time that Riot games decided to remove Grave’s cigar due to the negative connotations of smoking, and not wanting to encourage smoking especially in the younger parts of the League of Legends community. As a result, fans from every aspect of League of Legends has joined the meme to bring back Grave’s cigar, mostly of which thousands like and comment on every League of Legends post indicating a change with something along the lines of “You can make this change, but Grave’s cant have his cigar”.

The cries of thousands if not hundreds of thousands may have finally been heard. With Marc Merrill the co-founder and developer of Riot Games tweeting out an old photo with Grave’s and his beloved cigar. It is not confirmed if Merrill is attempting to troll the community and his followers, but it is certain that many are getting extremely excited.

While this may seems like a minor change to many, Graves has never been the same since his cigar was remove. The move from Riot also demonstrates their willingness to change upon the desires of the community.