Gross Gore claims to Quit League of Legends

Popular streamer Gross Gore has decided to permanently quit League of Legends.


Ali Larsen aka Gross Gore has claimed that he will be quitting League of Legends “as more people are hating” on him “on the past 2 – 3 days”. He also claims that “the stream doesn’t generate enough revenue in tips and in subscribers” which is why he fired his friend and may be a reason why he is deciding to quit LoL.

Gore explains that he streamed and played League “to be recognized in the League of Legends community” and be notice to be a good player therefore graining more recognition. Unfortunately, due to the permanent ban on twitch and the temporary 1 year ban on Riot events, Gross gore has dropped in popularity causing him to believe he “has no need to stream and play League of Legends, as the growth and the people aren’t there”.

He further explains that the permanent ban on twitch was mainly due to the influence that Riot games has on twitch, this is claimed to be believed by “90% of people”. Gross Gore states that he would return to streaming League of legends on Twitch if both companies “reconsiders (his) appeal”.

Ali explains that for the upcoming near future, he will be streaming Pokémon Go for the time being on a tablet and camera on