Grt named as the new CLG Coach

CLG have been rebuilding their CSGO team. Currently comprising of just three members, the team is slowly being rebuilt around the core of relutc and hazed. The third player is Koosta.

Grt is a former 1.6 player who has played in some well known teams of the time such as Area 51, Evil Geniuses.He has also been a part of Chicago Chimeras and San Fransisco Optix during CGS. His most recent exeperience includes Coaching 3sup and Splyce towards the MLG Columbus 2016.


“I am grateful and excited at the opportunity to coach for Counter Logic Gaming,” he told CLG’s website.

“Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and I look forward to helping lead the team through this rebuilding process.

“A lot of teams in North America have reloaded and strengthened recently and we look forward to revamping and competing with them at a top level.”

Its still early days to even try to assess the impact that Grt will have on the team. But we can all only hope for the best.