H2K advances to the semi finals – LoL Worlds 2016

Albus Nox Luna has underperformed and not met fan expectations, leaving with a 0-3 loss to H2K


First game : H2k Gaming, 28 kills – Albus Nox Luna, 8 kills. 34:40
Second game Albus Nox Luna, 2 kills – H2k Gaming, 15 kills. 23:35
Third game : H2k Gaming, 18 kills – Albus Nox Luna, 11 kills. 34:48

Albus Nox Luna as the underdogs of the quarter finals was expected by any to really challenge h2k for the position in the semi-finals considering how well ANX did in the group stage, better both G2 and CLG. It was extremely disappointing to see that they didn’t put up a real fight against H2k since H2k aren’t considered to be one of the best teams anyway. Many casters and analysis predicted extremely close scores such a 2-3 or 3-2 in favor of both teams which obviously was not seen today in H2k’s dominating 3-0.

H2k did play very well, opening in the first match with a double kill and first blood only a mere 4 minutes in. Each and every game saw H2k’s dominating performance with overwhelming kill differences in the first two games, and a 7 kill difference in the extremely slow 35 minute third game. H2k defeated ANX in a record 23:35 game in the quarter finals which seriously gave ANX some tilt, as that is not the game you want to see from a pro team in the quarter finals.