H2K threatens to leave EU LCS

H2K says if Riot doesn’t change their revenue sources, they will leave the EU LCS

As many have know, teams have always been up in arms against Riot game’s revenue sharing policies. While Riot had introduced new systems which grants teams greater shared in their team themed skins and icons, especially during major tournaments like worlds after the argument between Riot’s co founder, Tryndamere and TSM’s founder and owner, Reginald. This year, this problem is once again resurfacing, as Riot has failed to take greater action, while maintaining their strict sponsor policy.

H2K has argued that many teams, not only themselves are incurring huge losses due to annual operating costs and failure from Riot to help the teams. They mentioned they are currently losing over $1,000,000 Euros, no small figure. The NA scene has slightly calmed down, with the move towards a League system, however, EU has seen no such changes for the coming year. This has likely stressed relations between EU teams and Riot, as their NA partners are getting better treatment.