H2K vs Fnatic – EU LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

G2 H2K vs Fnatic are matched up against each other for the EU LCS Round 6 Day 1 game to be held Friday February 26, 2016 at 8pm CET.


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Odoamne : Gamsu
Jankos : Spirit
Ryu : Febiven
Vander : Klaj


H2K are one of the 3 teams tied in first place, and are currently very strong. Each player is one of the best in their role and their synergy is also very good. Ryu is a very consistent midlaner, Odoamne is able to carry on champions such as Fiora, and FORG1VENGRE is one of the best AD carries in EU.


Fnatic, on the other hand have both Rekkles and Febiven who are both great carries, as seen in their Worlds quarter final run last year. Klaj also seems to be performing well, even as a rookie. I expect H2K to beat Fnatic, but if they show up, Fnatic could cause an upset. If H2K win, they could propel themselves into first place depending on how G2 and Vitality do.

Chance of victory: H2K: 60% : Fnatic: 40%