H2K vs. FNC – EU LCS – Quarterfinals – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

H2K vs. Fnatic (1.92 vs. 1.82)

h2k vs fnatic

A clash between two teams that are of semi-final or even grand-final material. H2K and Fnatic have been dominating the EU scene since inception. However, their peaking performances is something of the past as both teams are struggling to fight the new young guns G2, Splyce and the re-vamped Giants squad.

Fnatic and H2K have come across each other twice this split, with both teams claiming the 2-0 victory, once. Traditionally, Fnatic have played in the finals of every single EU championship, making an appearance at worlds as the number one seed. It would be very uncustomary to see Fnatic fail to make it to the finals.

At a glance, I would suggest that Fnatic have the edge in this matchup. With a very solid performing line-up packed with experience and fuelled with the motivation to live up to the Fnatic name, a H2K loss would be the expected. But boy there are many things to be worried about.

  • Jankos participates in more first bloods than any other EU jungler. He could outpace Spirit and get his lanes rolling faster.
  • Fnatic lost in a very one-sided series against H2K’s new roster ft. FORG1VENGRE.
  • Forgiven is someone that every team should be scared of. He is one of the legendary ADCs in EU and currently sitting on a 14 KDA after his break from competitive play.

A lot like the CLG vs. Team Liquid matchup in NA, this matchup is also too close to call. With Fnatic having an extremely difficult split, in fact, their most disappointing split as well as roster changes and substitute changes, a 3-0 loss is not an outcome that is out of the equation. At the same time, we’ve seen teams dramatically improve during the off-season/break between the regular season and playoffs (e.g. TSM). All-in-all, the odds are close, the players are neck and neck in skill and anything is possible.